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Denah Stromwall

President and Owner

(352) 648-2716

After being in the emergency power industry for more than fourteen years, Denah could see the industries provision to lengthen the usefulness of an emergency power site was sorely lacking. In late 2021, he put together the solution, Custom Site Solutions, LLC.

The aptly named solutions group provides real remedies to problematic emergency power site issues no matter how precarious and impossible they may seem. Denah was right about the need for a better solution because the new company has had tremendous success already and the future looks bright and promising.
Denah has an uncommon work ethic, an insightful perception to problem-solving, and the experience to orchestrate complex operations. His strong desire to unselfishly help those in the industry is evident by the relationships he has built. He will not hesitate to invite you to test his commitment to providing you with an over deliver-type service.

Denah Headshot.jpg

Nick Davis

Chief Operating Officer and Owner

(352) 601-7425

Nick began working in the power generator industry at 20 years old. Raised to be goal-oriented and work hard, he has dedicated his career for 16 years to the power industry. During this time, he worked in multiple departments that allowed him to expand his knowledge in the office and the field, becoming well versed in the operations of the power industry.

Nick's drive and experience led him to pursue becoming a business owner in the power industry and bring his vision of professionalism and integrity to this industry. Thus, Custom Site Solutions LLC was established in 2021 with Nick emphasizing professional, amiable service where customers are not just customers, but also friends. CSS has since built an excellent record of service and client relationships, with great thanks to Nick's vision. Nick is devoted to shaping CSS to providing professional but amiable service that stands out in this industry. 

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